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We welcome you to our church.  


Wycombe Community Seventh-day Adventist Church is a community of Christians who believe church isn't just something to be endured but to be enjoyed.


The warmth and love in our church allows you to fit right in and be at home. We believe church is a place where we connect with God and each other.  


We believe the Gospel is much more than simply forgiveness for our past sins.  It is also the presence of Christ in our lives each day to guide us, comfort us, and empower us to live faithfully for Him.


Together, we seek to become the kind of church described in the Bible, where theres relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, great fellowship, constant prayer and growth in Jesus.



Each Saturday morning, church members as well as a good number of visitors will come from all over Wycombe to join together for worship.

What we offer is so much more than just attending worship.

Each Saturday, there are opportunities for learning, serving and off course, fellowship.

Praise & Worship 11.15am - 12.30pm

Worship is a very important component of our Sabbath Services.

Through music, Prayer and relevant messages, we seek to connect each worshipper with our Heavenly Father.

Bible Study 10.00am - 11.00am

For adults, we offer practical, Bible-based study groups that would challenge you and help you grow in your understanding of God's Word.

For children, we offer classes for various ages, each designed to communicate the love of Jesus in a fun and entertaining way.

Adult Worship Service 9:45am - 11.00am


Our adult worship service is held in the Sanctuary from 9:45am to 11:00am.

Parents wishing to attend this service can place their children in Sabbath School classes that will operate at the same time as this service.


Fellowship Lunch 12.45pm - 2.30pm

Following our second worship service, stay and enjoy a great time of food and fellowship with some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

Advent Youth Ministries 4.00pm - 6.00pm

This service is designed to encourage young people on their journey towards Jesus.

Various activities and events are organised with encouragement  for  participation of all.

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