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The Covid-19 Pandemic

This pandemic has been hard on many people from all walks of life and over the last nine months, Wycombe Community Church, whilst still in the midst of renovating its church building, has redirected some of its financial resources to directly helping out those in need around the community. Preparing and distributing food, kids packs and Christmas hampers, financially supporting those who are out of work and placed on furlough, lending an ear and keeping in touch with those who are on their own or shielding has become the face of our church while we presently have no building. 

The various tiered lockdowns have highlighted the need to complete our vision for the church building which is for it to become the hub of the community where we can coordinate the various activities most needed at this time. Partnering with our local council and various other non-governmental organisations, the aim is to provide a location for essential services and once the pandemic eases, expand the resources to other community-based priorities.

Supporting our virtual talent show would go a long way to reaching our goal and opening up our community hub. 


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